Affordable Natural Beef

           Partnering with God to provide affordable natural beef to American families,                         especially  young families in order  for them to practice financial responsibility                                   by saving money on nutritious food for their children





Raised on the native grassland of beautiful Yoder, Colorado

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  • No Preservatives
  • No Steroids
  • No Hormones
  • Just Great Taste That's Aged to Perfection!
Affordable Natural Beef is a family-owned natural beef operation in Yoder. Four generations of the Sopko family live here on the site of the original homestead, raising natural beef and growing sorghum hay for feed. Sopko/Grasmick beef is both delicious and affordable.
For over 20 years our tender and tasty beef has had that mouth-watering

farm-fresh flavor you've been craving. Our customers experience the time saving ease of reaching into their freezer for healthy, affordable, great tasting, tender beef instead of all those expensive trips to the supermarket. You can enjoy having the choice of variety in choosing ground beef, roasts, ribs, brisket, tenderloin or steaks, any day or night. Dinner need not be limited to one or two cuts you may have on hand from the supermarket. Stretch your menu to include any cut you want.


All meat is sold per pound of hanging weight, for example a whole animal
averaging 600-700 pounds would make a half animal average 300-350 pounds. Delivery is free within a 50-mile radius of Colorado Springs but a delivery charge is applied for delivery outside the 50-mile radius. You may also pick up meat yourself to avoid delivery charge. A deposit of $100 reserves either a whole or half of beef. (When a half is too much meat, some of our customers ask a friend or relative to split it with them.)

We do not hurry or force feed our animals. Our animals graze on native prairie grass during the growing season and our own home grown sorghum hay during the other part of the year. In order for your cow to be "finished", for six months small daily amounts of corn are added to your cow's diet in order to create the marbling process, (which is necessary for the level of tenderness that we expect.)


  • Our meat is State-inspected and certified, then cut to your individual

      specifications at Jensen's U.S.D.A. Certified Meat Processing in Fowler, Colorado.

  • Prices may fluctuate, please call for current price.
  • All meat is cry-o-vac sealed for freshness.
  • We also grind excellent lean ground beef (ground chuck) There is no finer ground beef than Sopko/Grasmick Beef.
  • The current price is within the 50 mile radius. There is no other fee for you.
  • Returning customers: As always, you receive ten pounds of free lean ground beef for referrals. (after the referral pays the deposit.)
  • Ordering local beef helps support Colorado.