Meat charts are a great resource to help understand where particular cuts are located on your animal. To see meat charts please open another window and enter this address into the new browser.

When ordering your custom cut beef, you will be have many options. Below are a few questions you will be asked after the dry aging process, when your order is ready to cut.


  • * How thick do I want my steaks?
  • * How many steaks do I want in a package?
  • * What size roasts do I prefer?
  • * Will I want my round steaks to be tenderized?
  • * Do I want a whole or half round steak per package.
  • * Do I want some/or all of my ground beef already made into patties?
  • * Do I want my ground beef in 1, 1 1/2, or 2 pound packages.
  • * Do I want brisket, short ribs and stew meat?
  • * or do I want those cuts made into ground beef?
  • * Do I want to keep the liver, soup bones, heart or tongue?
  • * Do I want the dog bones

Ordering our local grown beef insures freshness.  Our beef is Black Angus Cross.